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Melissa Maker has hosted YouTube’s CleanMySpace channel since 2011. While not born a cleaning expert (or fan), she’s been training in cleaning ninja-dom since 2006 when she opened up Toronto-based Clean My Space, an upscale housekeeping service.

How did she get into cleaning and Youtube?  After graduating from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2005, she took a job in commercial banking.  A year to the day she started, she resigned to start her own business.  The idea for a cleaning service spurned from her sensing a gap in the marketplace for a service she desperately needed herself; a trustworthy, reliable and top-quality cleaning company! Not being skilled in cleaning meant she had to learn the ins and outs of it from the ground up.  With lots of time to practice and study over the years, she’s developed unique and time-saving cleaning techniques and has amassed (too much) knowledge about cleaning products, tools and how to create homemade versions and save money.

Clients, friends and family kept asking for Melissa’s tips and secrets now that she was a veritable cleaning wizard.  Rather than repeating the tips over and over, in 2011 she started up a YouTube channel to share the information, and the rest is easily accessible history, available at YouTube.com/CleanMySpace!

To date, Clean My Space has 340,000+ subscribers and over 34 million video views along with 350+ cleaning related videos.

When she’s not working at Toronto-based Clean My Space services (where she employs over 20 people), she’s working on YouTube videos both for Clean My Space as well as her personal channel, Melissa Maker, articles for CleanMySpace.com, guest expert work for various magazines such as In Style, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens and Men’s Health, TV shows such as the Today Show, and the Marilyn Denis Show.  Melissa has also worked with some of the largest consumer brands in the world, including Dawn, Tide, OxiClean, Tylenol, Dyson, and Listerine.

It’s been said by fans, brands (and of course, supportive family members) that Melissa has a unique ability to connect with her audience because she, like many of them, find cleaning to be an ancillary task which is not overly exciting.  Melissa shares ways to motivate, inspire and teach her audience by relating to them in a fun and engaging way.

Melissa has done a lot with cleaning, but her passions lie in living a healthy, balanced life, being an entrepreneur, eating well, and living in a beautiful space with beautiful things.  This website is a collection of Melissa’s other interests.

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